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7th Sept 2019 – Shoulder management tips in primary care

Dear All,

I’m going to talk at One Hatfield hospital on Shoulder Management tips in primary care.

Click here for the presentation

17th Dec 2018: Talk on Shoulder Pain at the Maltings Surgery St Albans

The Maltings Surgery welcomed me warmly for a discussion on the Shoulder pain management and the current concepts on investigations.



11th December 2018: The London Clinic teaching talk-full presentation

Please find below the presentation as given on the 11th December 2018. For any queries please use the ‘leave a comment’ section at the bottom of the post. Alternatively please email at

Current concepts and advancements in shoulder surgery_Mr Rajeev Sharma

11 Dec 2018- Educational Talk on Shoulder

This is a Talk at The London Clinic for all the Primary Care Physicians and Allied Health professionals. The talk is to discuss the latest innovations in Upper – Limb Surgery with emphasis on the shoulder conditions.

 Note: If you have questions please write it in the ‘leave a comment’ section at the bottom of the post.