If the problem is complex and needs a second opinion, a specialist’s opinion is facilitated after discussing with the patient as to how to proceed with further management. The patient can expect the following services provided when seeking treatment with me.


An initial consultation is provided in a private room. The consultation includes a discussion of the problem and a management plan. The management plan usually includes an examination, discussion of the history and investigations that are relevant to the problem. Investigations can include x-rays, MRI, CT and ultrasound scans etc. A follow up is organised if the investigation cannot be performed on the same day.


I perform all the surgery and procedures myself. Sometimes further management, in the form of removal of stitches and plaster, are performed by the nurse if available.


Following the discussion for surgery the patient is given a detailed discussion as to what to expect, what the benefits and risks are of the procedure and also a discussion with the patient with regards to the desired outcome.


I have access to the very best specialist Physiotherapists in London and Hertfordshire.

Each condition has a specialized treatment offered – whether it a rehabilitation after an operation or plain physiotherapy for a condition that will improve with physiotherapy alone.

The physiotherapists are well spread out and have direct access to me for discussing your problems and progress. I do work very closely with them

The Occupational therapy team are critical for all hand surgery treatments. Custom made thermoplastic splints are fabricated by them and are very light and strong. the cosmetic appearance of these modern light splints is pleasing and has the advantage of easy removal for hand washing.


My Secretary is Emma: a very efficient and pleasant lady with several years of experience. Emma has a dedicated practice phone line and deals with most queries either over the phone or email. Her details are in the contact section.

My main Anaesthetist is Dr Stephen Bates. He is very experiencd and a senior anaesthetist and is highly skilled in Upper Limb surgery Nerve Blocks. He is assisted by a large team of assistants from the anaesthetic department at all the hospitals. If he is on Holiday or unavailable then I have a further team of Anaesthetists with equal level experience for upper limb procedures. My secretary Emma will inform you the anesthetist details if you were to undergo an operation.


The treatment that I offer is based on current concepts and evidence based medicine and is married up with my several years of experience. I ensure that the treatment is discussed and provide to the highest possible standard. I keep up-to-date with my learning and training by regular attendances in international meetings, training and research. As an Examiner of  FRCS Orthopaedics for the Joint Royal Colleges of England, Scotland and Ireland.