Most of the symptoms affecting the limbs are grouped below. The symptoms discussed will be that of pain in the Elbow, Hand, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, and Wrist. An effort will be made to use the common presentation of these symptoms and also what the likelihood should be. It is helpful if the symptoms are noted down in a notebook or diary; hence when attending a consultation it is helpful to inform your Surgeon or Doctor as to what happened and the previous treatment you have undertaken. Any history of falls, trauma, twisting injuries etc which could be a contributory cause of the symptoms in the past is to be kept as a record Any previous illnesses or health conditions need to be noted and the treatment needs to be available as well.

There are multiple shoulder pain symptoms like Shoulder Arthrocopic decompression, etc.

There are multiple wrist pain symptoms like Wrist pain, Fractures, Instability, Swelling, Scaphold Fractures etc.

There are multiple hand pain symptoms like Hand Surgery, Nerve Compression, etc.

There are multiple Elbow pain symptoms like Tennis elbow, Golders elbow, elbow fractures etc. Know more.