Wrist Pain

Information about Wrist pain symptoms

The wrist pain can be due to the several reasons as shown in the tabs below. The most common cause is any cause of swelling like a ganglion or inflammation and rarely arthritis. The most common cause is a sprain or a more severe injury that takes place after a fall like a fracture or a ligament injury. The most common wrist pain is due to a condition known as De-Quervain’s tenosynovitis which is a painful swelling on the radial side of the wrist. this can hurt while doing light activities like writing or using the keyboard.

The initial investigations is a thorough clinical examination and relevant radiology.

The natural reaction after a trip and a fall is to put the hands out. The wrist usually takes the brunt of the force and the body weight when we fall. The wrist bone is not strong enough to manage the force of the whole body, resulting in it breaking. The most common bone in the wrist to break is the distal radius, followed by the small bones of the wrist. The Scaphoid bone of the wrist is commonly fractured also.

The usual initial investigation is an X-ray and occasionally an MRI.

The scaphoid fractures do not always show up on an X-ray for the first few weeks, often requiring an X-ray later. However if it is suspected earlier then an MRI is diagnostic.

The initial management is usually a supporting POP for temporary stabilistation. Further management may require a full POP or an operation depending on the injury.

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