Mr Sharma was the means of my life opening

After kayaking 70,000 km I wore away my rotator cuff tendon and with Mr Sharma’s excellence as a Surgeon specialising in shoulder problems I made a remarkable recovery. Mr Sharma always took the trouble to explain fully what was involved in the procedure and answered any questions I had courteously and fully.

I believe it is essential to complement the skills of the surgeon and also the willingness to ensure that the physiotherapy exercises and rehabilitation process is followed after the operation. I am now swimming ½ mile every day and also going to the gym, I have been told that in 3 months I have lifted the equivalent of 30 elephants! I have now returned to kayaking and am paddling 15 miles each time.

Mr Sharma was the means of my life opening up after a very painful and dispiriting experience. With his skills and the patient input anything can be achieved.